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Main Features of Web Hosting & Content Management:

  • Use SiteWalk to edit your web pages on the fly.
  • Use FTP to manage your website just like you would with any other web hosting.
  • Integrated customer database that grows as customers enquire or interact with your website.
  • Make any type of content secure.
  • Share and syndicate any type of content using RSS.
  • Build communities using forums, blogs and collect customer comments on any type of content.<
  • SEO integration into Google, Yahoo and Windows Live.
  • Sophisticated ready-to-go reporting, no need to add any code to your web pages.

Publish any type of Content:

  • Announcements, FAQs, Literature.
  • Set Release and Expiry dates on your content.
  • Make any type of content secure.
  • Share and syndicate any type of content using RSS.
  • Create micro-communities by allowing customers to comment on any type of content.
  • Create your own type of searchable content using Web Apps (All-in-One solution only).
  • Create re-usable content snippets which you can. use anywhere.

Integrated Customer Database:

  • Grow your customer databased every time your customers enquire or interact with your website.
  • Keep a history of all past customer enquiries.
  • Allow customers to view their past enquiries via secure "member only" areas.
  • Allow customers to keep their details updated via secure "member only" areas.
  • View on a per customer basis details on every action they've taken on your site.
  • Customize and extend the Customer Database to suit your business (All-in-One solution only).

Manage your Website and Web Pages:

  • Use SiteWalk to edit your website on the fly.
  • Use a Microsoft Word like WYSIWYG editor to edit web pages.
  • Use Module Manager to add business functionality without any programming.
  • Make web pages secure.
  • Archiving & Rollback for every web page and template.
  • Automatically creates a working copy of web page until you publish.
  • Apply content approval rules to any web page or template.
  • Use templates to create a consistent look and feel.
  • Use FTP to upload and download web pages.
  • Work directly inside Dreamweaver using our plugin Triangle.


  • Create an unlimited number of RSS channels.
  • Syndicate and share any type of content e.g. blogs, web pages, news and announcements, FAQs etc.
  • Set update frequency of your RSS channels.
  • Reports on RSS usage and items selected from within a feed.

Secure "Member Only" Areas:

  • Make any type of content secure (web pages, announcements, Blogs, FAQs, Forums etc).
  • Manage your customers' access to any secure area.
  • Set expiry date for customer access to any secure area.
  • Easily email login details to every customer in a secure area.
  • Report on customer logins to each secure area.

Website Reporting:

  • Comprehensive reporting without having to add a single line of code to your web pages.
  • Geo-location reporting. See a map of the world world.
  • Detailed visitors reporting including new vs returning, location, IP address, Spy Lens and more.
  • Detailed reporting on every type of content.
  • Search engine reporting, e.g. search phrases, when your site has been indexed and more.
  • Sophisticated customer reporting framework.
  • Filter on any system or custom field.
  • Save any report and run later.
  • Export any report to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

Web Form Builder:

  • Build customer enquiry web forms without any programming.
  • Add any number of custom fields to your web form to suit your business.
  • Automatically captures and populates every enquiry in your customer database.
  • Use built-in business workflow framework to automate follow-up, set reminders and escalation rules. Choose to be notified. via email and/or SMS.
  • Report on web form submissions including custom fields and easily export to Microsoft Excel.
  • Allow customers to upload files within web forms.
  • Allow real-time credit card processing within web forms, e.g. process donations (All-in-One solution only).
  • Allow refer-a-friend functionality within web forms.
  • Add Image Verification to web forms to stop spam submissions by bots.
  • Allow customers to subscribe to one or more campaign lists within web form (All-in-One solution only).
  • Automatically subscribe customer to a Secure Zone upon submission of a web form.
  • Easily add web form to any web page hosted at GB or elsewhere.
  • Customize the landing page customers see after submitting an enquiry.
  • Customize auto responder email sent to customers after they make an enquiry.

Build Communities with Forums:

  • Create any number of forums.
  • Set moderation level on new customer posts.
  • Customers can subscribe to any thread and be notified when new posts are added.
  • Make any forum secure.
  • Set release and expiry date on your forms.
  • Reporting on forum usage.
  • Easy to use administrative interface for managing threads and posts.
  • Limitless customizability of forums.

Amplify your voice with a Blog:

  • Full blogging platform.
  • Customers can leave comments on any blog post.
  • Approve all incoming trackbacks.
  • Trackbacks to any other blog.
  • Permalink.
  • Set release dates for blog entries.
  • Tagging and Tag cloud module.
  • Blog calendar module.
  • Recent blog post module.
  • Blog post by month module.
  • Report on blog post readership.
  • Integrated RSS channel for each blog.
  • Make your blog secure.
  • Limitless customizability of blogs
  • Ability to import WordPress or TypePad blog.

Photo Galleries:

  • Create any number of photo galleries.
  • Easily add a photo gallery to any web page.
  • Add a description to any photo.
  • Customize layout and appearance of photo galleries.

Ad Rotators:

  • Create any number of ad rotators.
  • Rotate images, HTML snippets or Flash objects.
  • Report on number of impressions, click-thrus for any period.

Meta Data:

  • Built-in meta data framework.
  • Create your own meta data tags and easily add them to any web page.
The Online Business Console All-in-One solution is made up of the following lead-in plans Web Hosting v2; eCommerce, Email Marketing and Lead Management In addition you also get access to Web Apps framework Bookings and POP email.
  • XML feed of all products to use with 3rd party affiliate network such as ClixGalore.

Our Services

Website Design & Development.
Whilst we are able to design and build great looking websites we are always careful to listen to our clients and together we aim to develop an online business rather than just a website.
Customer Management System.
The ultimate all-in-one website management tool, simple to use with intuitive videos to walk you through each application. Create your own dynamic web pages, online shop and interact with your clients easily. Check out the full features or watch the slide show and video.
Search Engine Optimisation.
Get found on the Search Engines. Optimisation is our game, we can arrange search engine optimisation campaigns guaranteed to 'up' your rankings, which will get you found from more search enquiries relevant to your business and key words.
Google Search Engine Suite.
Keep informed about who is visiting your website and the most popular search queries. Add Google Maps and arrange Adsense advertising campaigns.
Different types of Photo Galleries
A very effective way is using pictures or images to create a Web Photo Gallery. The old saying "a picture paints a thousand words" has never been so true as to when it comes to websites.

If you would like any of the above, or if you already have an existing website and are now ready to take it to the next level, we can simply Migrate it over to our web hosting and management software. YOU too will then have the tools for online success.  Don’t delay – Contact us today.

Eclipse Online Solutions launch their NEW product – Advanced Web Hosting Software enabling YOU to build and manage not only a website but your own online business.

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