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Eclipse "Free Hosting" Explained.

Eclipse Online Solutions have Hosting and Management Plans to suit all needs, from basic reference websites for the local tradesperson (Budget Hosting Plans & Prices) to Full Ecommerce and Online Marketing Businesses to rival the big players in your industry (Advanced Hosting Plans & Prices). If you are thinking of cheap, cheap or even free hosting then you may want to read the below first?

Free Hosting

Please note - there is no such thing as “free” hosting – fact – do not be fooled by these claims. Just ask yourself, what business or company do you know that can work for "free"? if you can think of one, do they provide a Reliable, Safe, Secure Service? if yes again, how long have they been in business? or more importantly how much longer will they be in business? Instead of charging you for the actual hosting, these companies will profit from your pages somehow.

By opting for a so-called ‘free’ hosting service, you will be lucky if you only receive the odd banner advert, pop-up advert or the new sneakier pop-under adverts on your website. If you are not so lucky your visitors and their details could be being monitored, recorded and and sold for email and telemarketing sales. You may even discover that you are now promoting products and services that you do not wish to be associated with your website. If you are really unlucky, one day you may try to log onto the website that your business now relies heavily upon, only to find it has disappeared and never to be seen again.

Fact! Businesses have to earn money and “free” hosts are no different. If you are lucky enough to find one that does not do any of the points mentioned above then before long they are likely to join the copious amounts of other “free” hosting companies that disappear every day – taking your website with them.

Tip! You are at a long term advantage when paying for your website hosting. Why? because you will be able to rest without worrying about any of the above horry stories and you will be able to profit from on-the-page advertising of your website rather than bestowing that money to "free hosting" companies.

Eclipse Online Solutions do not offer “free”. We have experimented with this option and experiance all the problems mentioned above. We have concluded that this is not the best solution long term either for us or our clients. Please do not make the same mistake. If, however, you would still like to try a "free" host, then we are still able to design and build your website whereby you are then free to host it with whomever you wish. We will always be here should you want to come back and host with us.

 Our Hosting plans are:

·         Reliable, Safe and Secure

·         Support orientated supplying Quality Technical Help

·         User Friendly for Customer Editing

·         Competitively priced without sacrificing any of the above


As you will see all of our hosting plans encompass the above but at differing levels.  With our hosting plans, the general rule of thumb is, the higher the cost of your monthly plan, the higher the level of the above four points you will receive and the more additional applications you will get.

Additional Note: We are an independant Web Company free to use any chosen host that we feel is the best. We are constantly monitoring new hosting companies and their monthly plans for our clients and we update accordingly.  Therefore, in our opinion the Hosting plans we offer today represent the finest out there when taking into account all of the following - Value for money, Reliability, Safety, Privacy, Usability and Technical backup.




Our Services

Website Design & Development.
Whilst we are able to design and build great looking websites we are always careful to listen to our clients and together we aim to develop an online business rather than just a website.
Content Management System.
The ultimate all-in-one website management tool, simple to use with intuitive videos to walk you through each application. Create your own dynamic web pages, online shop and interact with your clients easily. Check out the full features or watch the slide show and video.
Search Engine Optimisation.
Get found on the web. We can arrange search engine campaigns guaranteed to 'up' your rankings, which will get you found from more search enquiries relevant to your business.
Analytics Search Engine Suite.

Keep informed about who is visiting your website and the most popular search queries. Add Google Maps and arrange Adsense advertising campaigns.

Customer Data Base.

Automatically stores customer details and enquiries which can all be accessed via your dashboard using the built-in customer management system. Here you have the ability to search, view, edit, customise and export the details.

Lead Marketing Suite.

Lead Management is a term used in general business practice to describe methodologies, systems, and practices designed to generate new potential business clientele

If you would like any of the above simply Contact Us, or if you already have an existing website and you would like to take it  to the next level, we can simply Migrate it over to our NEW Advanced Web Hosting Software. You too will then have the tools for online success. So don’t delay, Contact Us today.

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