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Eclipse Customer Database (with CRM) Solution

The Eclipse Online Solutions Web Hosting Software has a built-in Customer Database with CRM and is fully customisable by you. Using your Web Forms it will automatically build you a customer database and store customer details and enquiries. This information can then be easily accessed via your dashboard using the built-in customer management system. Here you have the ability to search, view, edit, customise import and export any details.

The Eclipse Online Solutions Software will automatically build your customer database for you by entering all visitor details that interact with your website, through any of the following methods:

  • Completing one of your web forms (i.e. Contact Us form)
  • Subscribing to a newsletter, secure zones etc
  • Purchasing from your online shop
  • Taking part in your Forums or Blogs
  • Commenting on any content

On top of that you can:

  • Import an existing database direct to the software
  • Export your database to Excel (should you care to do a mail merge)
  • Enter details manually

Please watch the 2 minute video demo on Customer Database.

To see just how valuable this application is, please watch the two related videos below:           

Main Features of CRM Lead Management

  • Build any number of customer enquiry web form without any programming
  • Easily add your web forms to a web page hosted at GoodBarry or any other hosting company
  • Use customizable business workflows to setup notifications via email or SMS when customers enquire
  • Use the Customer Report Generator to dice and slice your customer database

Integrated Customer Database

  • Grow your customer database every time your customers enquire or interact with your website
  • Keep a history of all past customer enquiries
  • Allow customers to view their past enquiries via secure "member only" areas 
  • Allow customers to keep their details updated via secure "member only" areas  
  • View on a per customer basis details on every action they've taken on your site
  • Customize and extend the Customer Database to suit your business

Web Form Builder

  • Build customer enquiry web forms without any programming
  • Add any number of custom fields to your web form to suit your business
  • Automatically captures and populates every enquiry in your customer database
  • Use built-in business workflow framework to automate follow-up, set reminders and escalation rules. Choose to be notified via email and/or SMS.
  • Report on web form submissions including custom fields and easily export to Microsoft Excel
  • Allow customers to upload files within web forms
  • Allow real-time credit card processing within web forms, e.g. process donations
  • Allow refer-a-friend functionality within web forms
  • Add Image Verification to web forms to stop spam submissions by bots
  • Allow customers to subscribe to one or more campaign lists within web form
  • Automatically subscribe customer to a Secure Zone upon submission of a web form
  • Easily add web form to any web page hosted at GB or elsewhere
  • Customize the landing page customers see after submitting an enquiry
  • Customize auto responder email sent to customers after they make an enquiry

Lead Management Reporting

  • Sophisticated customer reporting framework.
  • Filter on any system or custom field
  • Save any report and run later
  • Export any report to Mi

See our Software's Full Features.

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Website Design & Development.
Whilst we are able to design and build great looking websites we are always careful to listen to our clients and together we aim to develop an online business rather than just a website.
Content Management System.
The ultimate all-in-one website management tool, simple to use with intuitive videos to walk you through each application. Create your own dynamic web pages, online shop and interact with your clients easily. Check out the full features or watch the slide show and video.
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Get found on the web. We can arrange search engine campaigns guaranteed to 'up' your rankings, which will get you found from more search enquiries relevant to your business.
Email Marketing Suite.

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful avenues to channel your products and services. Pound for pound it is the quickest and cheapest action for interacting with existing and new customers


With the Eclipse ecommerce customer management system you have the power to set up pay on line facillities, create complicated shopping carts and monitor your add campaigns in great detail.

Analytics Search Engine Suite.

Keep informed about who is visiting your website and the most popular search queries. Add Google Maps and arrange Adsense advertising campaigns.

If you would like any of the above simply Contact Us, or if you already have an existing website and you would like to take it  to the next level, we can simply Migrate it over to our NEW Advanced Web Hosting Software. You too will then have the tools for online success. Don’t delay – Contact us today.

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