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Allow me to introduce the Eclipse' Online Business Console, the first all-in-one system born to run Professional Online Businesses. With our New Advanced Web Hosting Software you will have your very own Business Console. "You" will then have full control through the 5 user friendly modules - Manage Website (CMS), Sell Products Online (eCommerce), Customer Database (CRM), Email Marketing and Analytics.

The Online Business Console really does have everything you could possibly need to make your Online Business a real success. It will not only give "you" full control, it will save you time and money - It really is that simple!

Manage Website (CMS) - the Online Business Console will not only host your website, - it will enable "you" to build, edit and manage your website without web designer or programmer skills.  Using its advanced user friendly CMS module.

Beyond building web pages, you can create a community with forums, build an audience with blogs, make secure areas for VIP content... and much much more.

Use Smart Web Forms to capture leads and react faster. With the Online Business Console you will not just have web forms, you will have "smart" web forms and with these "you" are able to design and build  web forms that will notify you instantly by Email and/or SMS. You can attach a workflow so the enquire goes to a specific members of staff and if the enquiry goes unanswered it will move up the chain of command.

It does not end there - every time a visitor completes a Web Form their details will be automatically stored and used to build your Customer Database, so you'll never lose a lead. The customer details will also be stored in Analytics for Customer Reports.
There is a simple point-n-click approach that "you" can use to build and customise your own Web Forms with ease.

Know your customers, with the Online Business Console you get Analytics, every web enquiry, every purchase and in fact every action performed by your visitors will be recorded and stored against a Customer Record.

Over time you'll get a complete picture of every visitor and how they have interacted with your Online Business, all from your built-in Analytics live Feed and Customer Database.

Sell Products Online (eCommerce) - Online Business Console comes with a full Ecommerce module. In a matter of minutes, "you" will be able to set up an Online Shop and sell your products to the world.

It is a complete eCommerce module and no extra software is needed, without extra effort you can automatically sell products, fulfil orders, manage catalogues, monitor stock levels and collect payments all in the one module.

Email Marketing - Send email newsletters - email marketing is the most cost effective form of marketing available so we've built it into the Online Business Console. You can send 10,000 newsletters per month free of charge.

You will then be able to track and monitor every email and see who opened, deleted or bounced. You can monitor what links where clicked through and if any purchases were made.  Using these stats you will see exactly how successful your campaigns are.

Email Marketing will automatically use your built-in Customer Database (CRM) and together will prove to be an invaluable tool for your online business success.

Dashboard - Every time you log into your web site you will see your very own executive insight. You will be greeted with an instant overview of how your Online Business is performing.

By tracking from 4 key metrics you can drill down into detailed reports on your website, complete visitor behaviour, marketing campaigns and e-commerce performance.

Ultimately keeping your finger on the pulse and an eye on whether your Online Business is achieving it's goals.

What's next? Why not click on the "Watch the Video" button for an overview of the complete system.

If you feel the Online Business Console has what your business needs try our no obligation 30-day free trial.

You will be able to build your own demo website with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Then gain access to the whole system.

Alternatively, if you currently have an existing website and would like us to Migrate it over so you can have these amazing tools then please Contact Us for a quote.

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